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Erin Olivo, PhD, Founder and Executive Clinical Director, and I created the Center For Wise Mind Living in 2019, with the following philosophy:


We believe that focusing on what's working is every bit as important as focusing on what's not working for someone. Our approach helps people discover and mobilize their strengths to build a life that feels more engaged and satisfying.


We firmly believe that people faced with emotional challenges can change the way they feel and behave. Happiness is not dependent on a person's genes or life circumstances but is actually a set of skills that can be taught and practiced. We help our clients cultivate these skills and make lasting changes that lead to feeling happier and more fulfilled.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution to the challenges our clients bring to us. Our clinicians are highly trained to provide individually personalized treatments informed by the latest cutting-edge research.

Visit our center at CenterForWiseMindLiving.Com

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