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Mental Health Apps

Below is a list of some solid mental health apps to check out:

1) Daylio:

--free app ($3.99 for additional features, including the ability to send your data to someone (e.g., your doc))

--monitors mood, reminds you to check in daily

--customizable for as much or as little data as you want to track

--easy to use

2) CalmHarm

--monitors urges to self-harm

--aids in managing urges

3) Headspace

--meditation app

4) nOCD

--CBT-oriented app to monitor and treat OCD

5) Start

--tracks mood and medication treatment progress

6) Moodnotes

--tracks mood

7) DBSATracker

--from Depression Bipolar Support Alliance

--tracks mood

8) Calm

--meditation app

9) SleepTown

--tracks sleep

10) Buddhify

--meditation app

11) Forest

--helps with procrastination

There are many more; these are the ones I've started to explore. So far, I like Daylio the best for mood tracking, only because it's easy to use, easy to customize, and easy to send data to others.

Stay tuned for reports as I learn more about these and other apps.

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